Issues related with Clearcase plug-in

Hi all,

I have sucessfully installed the ClearCase plug-in (no errors, exceptions or alike) but there are some issues/ questions that I kindly request someone to clarify me or give hints, since some of you might have came across the same problems before.

1) Is it normal to have the two options "check-in" check-out" active on the Tools->Clearcase->Menu?

While doing a "check-out", the "check-in" was greyed out but then both became active afterwards.

2) After doing what is describer at 1), if I exit and reopen IntelliJ, to my surprise only the option "check-out" is available and is wrong because the file is "cheched out", i.e., I was able to change it and doing a Find Project Checkouts confirmed it.

3) I could not open the Differences window ever.
But absolutly no problem if wanting to open "Properties", "History" or "Version Tree".

4) Is there an option to activate the plug-in as a toolbar menu and not only as a drop down menu?

I have already tried some things on troubleshooting

1) Exit/reopen IntelliJ

2) Followed exactly what is described at

3) Already tried "External changes are up-to-date on Idea" checked and unchecked with same results.

4) Have not forgot to do "Mark Project as current"

I don't think that has to do with my underline clearcase configuration problem because it works, from windows explorer and even from another Java IDE that I'm testing with corresponding clearcase plugin.

Any hints are welcome,

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I tried using the clearcase plugin and have abandoned it.

1) I did not have this problem
2) I had this problem constantly
3&4) Don't know.

I'm hoping that JetBrains will make Clearcase support native. If you agree, vote for the feature request:

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1) yes it is, as surprising as it may seem.
The reason is performance. It takes too much time to query clearcase to get the true status of a file. I have yet to implement a caching mechanism (filed as an enhancement on wiki). So the plugin is always less restrictive than it could and will let actions enabled even though they will failed if launched (It is still better than an external tool). In more details here are the condition for each action that will make them enabled:
Add : always
Check in: if modified (file title blue)
Check out, Update, Undo checkout: if not added (file title not green)
Mark as uptodate: if modified (file title blue or green)

2) is really surprising. What color was the file? When you let the mouse over the editor tab what status does it tell you? The plugin does almost nothing in that respect. This might be a IDEA bug or a project corruption. Especially since it changed between session that indicates a problem with your project state. Please try to enable all traces in the log.xml as explained in the Troubleshooting section of the manual and send me the log file.
3) is a known bug and fixed. I will soon release a new version.
4) You can add this as a request on the wiki. It is a good idea that I wished I had a few time in the past. I since then mapped some key accelerators.

A little comment: Thanks for sending your feedback and bugs. Apparently some people tried the plugin, had problems with it but NEVER asked anything. They are then very quick to tell you not to use it without even trying.

In the end the best thing with this plugin is the refactoring support. Move/Rename are doing a "mv" command and from any refactoring preview you have the ability to checkout the impacted files. The checkin project is the only way to check these in. I left the Check In file action because some of my company's developers really wanted it. However I would not use it. I would always use the Check In Project that GUARANTEES that you check everything in.

There are a lot of work to be done on this plugin. Merging is completely left to you and the plugin is seriously brain dead after you have done an external merge and not checked it in. By default the plugin will see any change from the outside as uptodate and will not offer to check them in in the Check In Project. This is an IDEA limitation that hopefully will be addressed in this release (they are re-writing CVS and SS which might trigger the same problems). This is why there is the option/hack of making every changes outside not current. That has the drawback of bringing in a lot of noise sometimes. So I introduced the Mark As Current so you can remove "surgically" these files that IDEA consider still modified but are in fact checked in.

Please try it out and feed some of your comments. The plugin is not without bugs I am sure but it is still very simple. Some of the bigger issues with it are coming from IDEA and it would be nice to get some people motivated to have the Open VCS api changed. You mentioned another IDEA. I do not know if you are refering to Eclipse but in that respect Eclipse blow away completely IDEA. Especially Matthew Conway plugin is great!

Thanks again for trying.



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