Plugin folder...

Just trying to adapt some code I have to run as a plugin, so I've got a
folder hanging off the plugins directory, which contains classes, lib, and
META-INF, in META-INF I have plugins.xml which contains:

BulletinConnect Bulletin Connect Test Harness 0.1 Bulletin Wireless com.bulletinwireless.testharness.idea.TestHarnessComponent com.bulletinwireless.testharness.idea.TestHarnessComponent ]]>

However, on startup Idea doesn't seem to find this, does nothing, no
errors, nothing. Am I missing something?

I also tried adding the plugin.xml to the META-INF directory of my .jar
which contains the code ( which is in lib ), but that had no joy either.

I wrote a simple plugin the other week that works, and I can't really stop
anything different ( other than this is an expanded directory, as opposed
to a straight jar).


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Did you follow the plugin layout given in IDEA_DIR/doc/openapi/plugins.html?

I personally use the options
1) simple jar containing META-INF/plugin.xml:

3) multiple jars including a plugin jar containing META-INF/plugin.xml:

They works equaly well. I did not use the exploded version 2) and 3)


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On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 03:30:12 +0000, Jacques Morel wrote:

IDEA_DIR/plugins/myPlugin/lib/myPlugin.jar > someUtilityJar.jar > ]]>

I was using this, but it wasn't working, I must have been missing
something. I was wanting to use the expanding version cause the code
embeds jetty and a small webapp, which wants to be expanded. I'll have
another look at it in the morning when I get back to the office.


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