Jar viewer plugin??


I tried to browse through a jar file and I think Intellij cannot do this. (Or do I have to enable it?).
I want to have a kind of explorer view and maybe even modify something in the jar and it is rebuild (in combination of jad somehow).

Is there something planned/available?


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You can view the jar contents if it's in the project's classpath, using the classpath viewer. Most annoyingly, though, you can't view the contents of an arbitrary jar through the project window. This is, without question, the most intensely annoying lack-of-feature in the entire damn product (which is to say I get frustrated by it upwards of twice a month). There's an open FR for fixing it, whose number escapes me at the moment. Vote early and vote often.


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Sure it can (or at least it can, if it's part of the project classpath).

Just select 'classpath' from the dropdown in the Project window, and you'll be able to browse through any jar in your classpath (in a nice treeview, no less).

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I could not agree more. My team is making me document how to export IntelliJ's settings and I got tired of "jar -tf ..." while testing. Importing a jar file with classes works but importing IntelliJ's "File -> Export Settings" jar file - doesn't. Mega annoying.

Update: Actually, I just managed to get it to work: move the jar file to a module's resources directory (you still have to import it as a module dependency). See screenshot.


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