listen for external app event and go to a specific method

I would like to create a plugin that 'listened' for events from a servlet. I
have thin client (servlet) based development environment where developers
can maintain business objects, screens, oracle tables etc. and would like
the ability to go to a specific method for a business object when a user
click on a business objects attribute e.g. developer click on business
object salary's wage_calc flag - and could click on a 'view source' button
that would take them to idea and focus on's getWageCalc()

Would I create a plugin that listened for http connections and send them
from the servlet? Then what api method do I use to focus the line of code.
Or since the developer is running the development servlet system using Idea
anyways (running JBoss inside idea) is there an easier way?

thanks in advance,
Mike C.

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It is possible. Your plugin can listen for events and then use FileEditorManager + PSI API to display a source method which name is obtained from the event. I don't think you should create an http server in your plugin, a plain socket listener will suffice. Even though you run jboss from inside IDEA it doesn't mean that you run it in the same jvm. So I don't think you can benifit from that.



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