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Pretty cool, I like it!

One thing, I just started messing around with hibernate,so i might be missing something,but I'm creating seperate hbm.xml files for each class.

In the Map Generator Screen it seems like it anticipates all the classes going into one hibernate.hbm.xml file.It should be possible I'd think to select different UID settings for each class in there.Each class should be able to have its own unique Options. Right now it just tries to use the same UID setting for all classses.

Also whenever you reload a project it loses whatever classes and settings you had entered in the Map Generator screen, maybe this is supposed to be, I'm not sure. Lastly whenever you add a class to Map Generator it would be cool if create map file default to Classname.hbm.xml in the package directory where the class resides.

Anyway, not sure how much sense that makes, but its what i noticed.



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