PsiScopeProcessor interface refactoring requested

Hello, All,

I'm curently trying to make a refactoring that is likely to improve IDEA performance on java files (mostly highlighting and even more rehighlighting). To achieve this, I need to change signature of PsiScopeProcessor.handleEvent method to make it return boolean. Returning false would indicate processing should be terminated. Since this class is a part of openapi, I would like to know if the plugin writers agree to change their code. Most cases are covered by simply returning true, but if you are sure that no further processing should be done, then return false.


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Well, I don't believe that any (non-JB) plugin makes use of this (undocumented) method anyway, so changing the semantics of the method probably doesn't matter at all. Since Demetra already introduced a bunch of incompatible changes especially in the Language API anyway, I wouldn't bother too much about breaking plugins if a significant performance gain for the core can be achieved.


Eugene Vigdorchik
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Unfortunately this request was done too early. The intended optimization proved to break resolve semantics in some cases:(


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