Creating a WEB project

Hi everyone.

I've had some success creating a project using ApplicationStarter & JavaModuleBuilder. However, the main goal of my excursion into the API is to create WEB projects for Tomcat / jsp development.

There is no WebModuleBuilder class that I can see. Does one exist...perhaps in an EAP version?

If not then it seems that I need to code everything step by step, which is essentially what JavaModuleBuilder appears to do as a wrapper / helper class.

Does anyone know of code to create a WEB project? What & where are all of the methods for specifying:

- the application server (tomcat installation)
- deployment descriptors
- web resource directory
- exploded directory
- etc.

My thanks in advance to anyone at JetBrains or in the community who can help fast-path me.


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Hi Mike,

You can set the module type to either WEB/ EJB/ J2EE application using the ModuleType class in openapi. Then you can create module using ModuleManager or ModifiableModuleModel class.

Hope this helps. I have not tried this, but earlier I tried creating Java module using ModuleType class.



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