[ANN] JavaDocEditorPlugin 1.2

The changes for 1.2 are:

- generates @see tags for methods (suggested by Guillaume and Mike Abney)

What it does is that if you go to method "See Also" section, there will be a
button "Suggest", pressing the button will generate all methods called in the
current method. It optimizes class names, so that if class name can be resolved
via imports/package it will produce non-qualified class name. Also all methods
are filtered using regexp. Basically everything under java.lang and java.util
will be filtered out.

Actually I have not finished what I've been planning to do, because I am leaving
for short vacation and though that I'd better release what I have now than wait
until I return.

So what I am planning to do is putting these filters into a settings and provide
some gui for adding/editing/removing them.
If somebody implements it in the meantime I would not mind :)


Dmitry Skavish

Boston, MA, USA
tel. +1 781 370-6909

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