[ANN] toString plugin v1.2

GenerateToString is a action plugin for IDEA that is used to create or update java classes toString() method. The
reason is valuebeans usually needs to dump their fieldvalues for debug purpose, and it's tedious to write the dump code for this. So this action plugin generates the code to dump all the fields in a simple manner.
The plugin uses Velocity Template Language to generate the code, so it's very flexible if you want your toString method to be a little different.

Changelog v1.2
- Removed default keyboard shortcut, since it can be invoked from the generate menu alt + ins.
- Added method matchName(regExp) on FieldElement to be able to perform regular expression matching on fieldname in the velocity template.
- Scrollbar added to velocity template text area if needed.
- Added filtering of unwanted fields in settings (constant, transient and by fieldname).
- An error dialog is presented if an exception is thrown while performing the action.
- Added icon for configuration.


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