Usage of PsiManager.findClass & PsiManager.findClasses

Hello all!

I would like to ask a question about usage of PsiManager.findClass & PsiManager.findClasses methods.


// Button listener in dialog's constructor:
generateNamesButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {

PsiClass[] psiClasses = PsiManager.getInstance(BindConstantToInterface.project).findClasses("", GlobalSearchScope.projectScope(BindConstantToInterface.project));

PsiClass psiClass = PsiManager.getInstance(BindConstantToInterface.project).findClass("", GlobalSearchScope.projectScope(BindConstantToInterface.project));

As results psiClass is null, psiClasses is PsiClasses[] with 0 size.


What's wrong? - opened class in IDEA Project...

Sincerelly yours

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Are you sure the class name is correct?
Are you sure you're using the correct scope? As an experiment you can try using GlobalSearchScope.allScope(BindConstantToInterface.project)).

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Yep, sure...

Same result - no difference :(

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Seems, I've solved the problem.

Problem was that project must be passed in dataContext when dialog is opened.


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