Any interest in a Ruby plugin?

I've been playing off-and-on with a Ruby (and Rails) plugin for IntelliJ. I haven't touched it for quite a while now and probably won't for another while.

It's in extremely rough shape and will need a lot of help to move it forward. Is there anyone interested in working on it?

Right now, it parses Ruby and builds the AST/PSI. It does some validation of the Ruby code (duplicate parameters names in method defintion, etc.), full syntax highlighting, RI lookup, structure view, code folding, etc.

What isn't working:
- The parser isn't returning errors correctly (I broke the flex file at some point and haven't spent time figuring how)
- There's no real navigation (there's the first attempt at it but it only works for a few items defined in the same file)
- There's no code formatter - this is by far the biggest annoyance

What's weird:
- It's using Flex, not a hand-coded parser

What's cool:
- The structure view uses the same rules as RDoc, so you'll see methods listed like 'mydef(var1) {|yield1| ...}'
- Its syntax highlighting is already better then other Ruby IDEs (are you dying to highlight singletons differently from method definitions? now's your chance!)
- You can use the current method name and class name in a live template

What will never work:
- There's no way to do tie a non-Java language into the IntelliJ debugging framework - in order to support it, you'd have to write all your own panels

So, any interest?


Sorry, I meant it's using Cup as the parser.


We have interest in continuing your work.
Specifically, we could contribute navigation/completion/simple formatter/basic rename/find usages and debugger (after javascript one)


Yes. Add me, please :)

Where it can be found?

About debugger, i guess it can be changed for a time, did you alread file JIRA issue for it?

BTW, i'm posted JFlex plugin (hintax highlighting now only). Maybe it reduce your pain a litle.


Just curious,

How does this relate to the SixthAndRedRiver plans for a Ruby plugin?


This is a completely independent effort. Note also that Sixth and Red River is only in the "exploring possibilities" stage of Ruby plugin development, and has no formal plans at this time.

Sixth and Red River Software
"Code with Grace and Verve"


You'll find the current code at The entire site is one html file and the plugin. You can email me directly at ctwise (at) with questions.

If there's interest in doing active collaboration on this I'll setup an account on opensvn and setup a wiki or blog at the location.


'common-impl' module is missing, code does not compile. Any chance to put it too?


I'll put it on the site tonight. Stupid oversight on my part.



Is there anything moving with IntelliJ Ruby plugin development?



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