Problem with repainting of GUI in the IDE


I am writing a plugin which has an option 'A' in the context menu of the Project. This option 'A' has 10 other sub-menu options. When I click on one of the sub-menu options, I have my logic in the actionPerformed method. This method has common logic for each action.

From the actionPerformed method, I give call to another method which has different logic for each action clicked.This operation invoked a dialog box for user input. When I click on sub-menu 'B' the way this option is selected in GUI remains greyed out until the user enter the text in the dialog box clicks ok/cancel.

I tried using ApplicationManager's runProcessWithProgressSynchronously API with canBeCanceled value as true , but this hangs and does not go ahead. Dialog box pops-up and disappears and the progress bar never goes off unless we terminate it.

Can someone please provide me with some pointers on the same.
Thanks in advance for the help.


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