StartTeam plugin #650

I have tried to get StartTeam plugin to work in build 650 without luck. I have version 5.1.2, Build 264 of my starteam-sdk.jar. The following is displayed in the console:


ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p - Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.MouseEvent[MOUSE_RELEASED,(640,605),button=1,modifiers=Button1,clickCount=1] on dialog0
ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p - IntelliJ IDEA (Ariadna) 3.0 Build #650
ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p - JDK: 1.4.1
ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p - VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p - Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p - OS: Windows 2000
ERROR - com.intellij.ide.p -
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/starbase/starteam/Server
at com.intellij.vcs.starteam.StarteamVcs.connect(
at com.intellij.vcs.starteam.StarteamVcs.start(
at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.b.e.apply(
at com.intellij.openapi.options.a.f.d(
at com.intellij.openapi.options.a.h.d(
at com.intellij.openapi.options.a.j.actionPerformed(
at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(


Dose anyone have a solution for this?

Tomas Ihrfors

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