BeanShellPlugin is back


for quite a while this plugin was not working with newer builds.
Now i had some time to fix the outstanding bugs and change it to
support the OpenAPI changes.

This plugin provides a tool window for IDEA which contains a BeanShell
console window (see

When a project is opened in IDEA, a new bsh.Interpreter is prepared.
- the current project is assigend to the variable Project.
- if the script plugins/bsh/init.bsh exists, it is run in the interpreter.
When the interpreter is ready, a new thread is started to handle the
BeanShell console. When the project is closed, the console window
is detached from IDEA.

If you would like to use you newly created classes from BeanShell, place your
compiler output path in the projects classpath manually.

For more info check the enclosed readme.txt.

Version 1.2:

  • Reflect changes to the IDEA OpenAPI.

  • Bugfix: ToolWindows are stalled after closing project.

  • Bugfix: Interpreter and JConsle Threads are not stopped on project close.

  • Moved init script from plugins/bsh/init.bsh to config/BeanShellPlugin/init.bsh


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