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Dmitry Jemerov (JetBrains) wrote:

Hello everyone,

The following Web service may be useful to plugin authors wanting to
collect exception reports from users of their plugins:

Dmitry, do you see any chance for JetBrains providing such a service? This
exceptioncollection.com thing is a start, but has several drawbacks:

- no email notification of reported exceptions
- poor (= no) documentation of the webservice itself, except the WSDL
- users cannot view the information they actually submitted.
- sending exception information to JB would appear more "trustworthy" than to some
arbitrary website.
- bad usage policy: "... we reserve the right to send you one piece of email ("spam")
about our products per week."

I think such a ready-to-use service would be a great addition to make IDEA even more
plugin(-developer) friendly - at least for non-commercial plugins.



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