Add RunManager and RunnerAndConfigurationSettings to OpenAPI


Could you make RunManager and especially RunnerAndConfigurationSettings part of the OpenAPI?

That would be great because I have a RunnerAndConfigurationSettings instance created by the RunManager but cannot read/manipulate it due to the scrambled method names. Looking at the return types gave me some ideas, though.

Thanks for any feedback.



What for do you need RunnerAndConfigurationSettings ?


Hi Alexei

The reason why asking for publishing the RunnerAndConfigurationSettings class is the following:

We wrote a plugin (ULC Plugin) that allows to run/debug classes that implement a certain interface (in our case, IApplication), but which do not have a main method. Run/Debug should take place automatically by IDEA - the same way as running the main method of a class. So we implemented ConfigurationTypeEx and registered it in the plugin.xml. It works perfectly!

In the createConfigurationByLocation method of ConfigurationTypeEx we have the following code:

RunnerAndConfigurationSettings settings = RunManager.getInstance(location.getProject()).createConfiguration("", fConfigurationFactory);
ULCRunConfiguration runConfiguration = (ULCRunConfiguration)runnerandconfigurationsettings.d();

In order to get get the RuntimeConfiguration, we had to call the method 'd'. Looking at the return type, it was not hard to figure out that this is the method we need...

To summarize, our plugin works as expected and very smoothly. I am just concerned by the fact that we call this scrambled method 'd' on RunnerAndConfigurationSettings.

Your feedback is very appreciated!


P.S. In case it sounds confusing, the source code is available at


Thanks for making it available in Irida.



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