PsiInlineDocTag - Psi weirdness...

Hey all, for awhile now I've had an issue being reported aganst my JIRA plugin about the plugin causing endless annoations being inserted.

I've just sat down and managed to reproduce this. What I was doing was finding the toplevel comment PsiElement, iterating its children looking for a PsiDocTag matching the JIRA issue Javadoc i'm inserting ( to check for dupes ).

However, if the javadoc contains an @param tag, I find all the next PsiDocTags are children of the @param's PsiInlineDocTag - this can be seen in the image at .

Is this a bug in Psi? Or expected behaviour? The javadoc in question was looking like:


  • Some issue

  • @param foo

  • @jira SOME-ISSUE



Here - the two @jira PsiDocTag's are children of @param's PsiInlineDocTag.

I would have thought the two @jira PsiDocTag's would be at the same level?

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Just checked out, it doesn't happen to be that way when parsing the
original text from the scratch. It might be someone (your plugin?)
incorrectly modifies the stuff via PSI?

Maxim Shafirov
JetBrains Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Actually, I knew I missed something ( was late ).

THe javadoc also has {@ on the first line ( as thou you're starting to write something and havn't yet finnished ).

I'll take another look at it.


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