What's happened to the package "com.intellij.openapi.project" in 2013?

There's no "Project" class anymore in openapi.jar.

Assume this is a mistake?


and loads of other classes, e.g com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper


Chris Sherratt wrote:

and loads of other classes, e.g com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper

You're right. They should come back there. Is an openapi.jar still a necessary thing BTW? We're planning to ship the
whole openapi in a source file form so they can be compiled separately. Do we need to ship openapi.jar still? What do
you think?

Maxim Shafirov
IntelliJ Labs / JetBrains Inc.
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Not quite sure what you mean.

I can understand you can ship interfaces and abstract classes in source code form. How can you ship concrete classes that use the rest of the obfuscated IDEA codebase though?


I still believe that the openapi.jar is a good thing. It makes your published api very clear. It is much smaller than idea.jar so until you implement scoped search across all functions, it means thousands of classes aren't search during library search...

Obviously if it is a major headache than forget it.

BTW I really like your idea of providing the whole openapi in source format. This will reduce the dependence on good complete documentation (which you still need to do, you don't get off that easy ;)



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