Urgent help needed CVS integration problem

I am new to CVS. I have the following scenario on our network.

I am using latest version of Idea and CVS.
On server side
project path: c:\projects\prj1\*.ipr
cvs repository: c:\cvsrepo\prj1\

Scenario 1: Once I accessed the project resides on server on two different client machines, having their own CVSroot and repository as /cvsrepo/project1. Anything I did (commit,edit,checkout etc) is in account of one user only, this user has first imported the source to CVS repository.

Scenario 2: Secondly I kept the project on clients local machine and source files on server, having their own CVSroot and repository as /cvsrepo/project1. I got the same thing as in above case.

I will be pleased if anyone can help me out of this problem.

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