ClassLoader problem/question

I need to create a (instance of) ClassLoader(CL) that can load classes in the current project's build dir. The plugin I'm trying to get working is currently using URLClassLoader and getting the url of the file from ProjectRootManager. The problem is I always get a ClassNotFoundException when calling loadClass() with the new CL. The url used to create the CL seems to be pointing to the correct location. Also, this plugin used to work with IDEA 3.x. So, did something change? Is there a better way to find/load a compiled class using psi? I'd be happy to supply code if needed.

TIA, Brad


Does this question need more clarification?


Still looking for an answer to this. Anyone?


If you get problems with using URLClassLoader, then maybe you will helped to knew that Wizard plugin can load plugable wizardries classes by URLClassLoader.


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