About create a PsiClass problem!

Intent to create a psiclass, i did such things below:

Then i start to do the create class procedure:
create psifile -> create psiclass -> add psiclass to psifile -> do create element ( such as comment, super class....)

The class is created correctly, but all comment and super class elements are not appear in the new psiclass, there is no exception.

I can sure that my update code is totally correct, because of i have tested one by one in an existing psiclass.

Is that i must do something after created a file or class?

And also i also want to know how to refresh/reload all element from psifile again?
(such as i have updated the xx.java file code by using FileWriter. I know that in virtualfile it has a refresh method, but it doesnt work.)

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I found the ans.
Is the psiclass changed!


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