Add a new left/right gutter mark

Hi all.
Is there possible to add a new gutter mark (for the left gutter an icon and for the right gutter a custom colored line) from my plugin?
If yes, what classes /methods should I use?
What documentation can I use?
Thank you.

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You can get an example for a right gutter icon in the attached file. This is from the JUnitTestPlugin.
It puts a little icon in the gutter for untested methods.

Good luck

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Thank you Jacques.
But, like a rookie that I am , I did not specify the version of my IDEA IDE. So I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 3.0, build #676. I looked over the Open API doc that are stored in IDEA's doc directory, but didn't find the class GutterIconRenderer. I think this class is available in a later version of IDEA.

But using you code I manage to put an icon on the left gutter. I use something like:

I looked over the Plugin JavaDoc but , because there is no doc, I didn't know how to use these classes.
Thank You for your advice.

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I assume you have looked into IDEA_HOME/doc.
I do not remember if it is available also in ariadna but you can also look for the It contains the source of all openapi classes. If you add it to your project as the source of openapi.jar you can access the open api "quick javadoc" with Ctrl-Q directly from IDEA.



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