TestFramework and fold regions (bug + question).

Bug :

Contrary to the real thing (IDEA), the testing framework doesn't prewrap
method bodies when you load a class. I think this is a bug.

Question :

Does your - unpublished - version of the framework offer Fold Region
Like this :

        configureFromFileText ( "A.java",
              "public class FooBar {"       +
              "    void foo() " +
              "    <1 {...}>{" +
              "       " +
              "    }1>"   +


The syntax is a natural extension of "<![CDATA[" and "]]>", and
it's rather simple to implement. .

Makes me wonder if it's not one of those features you keep to yourself,
like multiple classes configuration.
(This latter one would be really useful for those writing global
inspections, or refactorings.)

What else are we missing, that's already there?


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