Plugin Manager : Sometimes Confusing

I have to confess I am always a little confused when looking at available plugins in IJ.
Most involve versioning.

There are two main use cases that come to mind.

A) Plugins that were once maintained seperately but are now bundled,
B) Bundled Plugins

    Example: GUICEIDEA shows up in blue and when I right click it says 'Update'.
    Since I am running Build 9815 I assume I have a newer version than March 19 2007.
    The confusion is even greater for the Groovy plugin, I am not sure if the latest EAP bundles the latest Plugin or not.
What might help is:
A Installed version or 'plugin release date' installed column. The date might be better since when a plugin is bundled the version scheme changes from say 1.3 to 8.0 or 8.1 to version e.g. 8.0 or 8.1.


Maybe bundled/installed plugins should not be displayed in the available tab, I believe eclipse does this.
This may be the simplest way to eliminate confusion.

One last comment: It may be time to start considering adding category tags to plugins. That way plugins could appear in one or more categories so if in the future IJ
starts displaying plugings in a tree structure a plugin could show up in one or more categories such as: web, language, editing etc... It also also be concievable to allow plugin authors to create their own categories.

Does anyone else share my confusion ?

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