Intellij 15.0.2 with Grails 3 Importing Grails Project Created on Command Line Issues


I am working with Intellij 15.0.2 build IU-143.11.84 December 7, 2015 on a Windows 10 System with all updates installed. Also, my JDK is 1.8.0_65 and Grails version is 3.0.11.

My issue, which I cannot find, via Google search, when I create a grails project on the command line using the "grails create-app <app_name>" then attempt to import the project. My setting on the import project from Gradle dialog are Use auto-import,  Create-directories for empty content roots automatically, and use  default gradle wrapper. The Gradle Project Data To Import dialog shows  my project checked. Following the import it opens three issue notices. Two of the notices are related Unindexed remote maven repositories found which I understand is a known issue. The Grails shell jar not found is, I believe, my real concern. I am able to run the project from the Application.groovy file.

I have attached a snapshot of the warning notices I see directly after importing a command line project.

This issue may be pilot error and since the application runs this issue is a more of nuisance. If I create a project via IDE using Gradle 3 it runs without warning. I would like to create a project using the web API profile which, I think, I can only create via command line so that is the bottom line behind this question.

Any help related this issue would be appreciated.

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Hi Bill

As for now, you cannot specify Grails profile when you create new application. This will change.

When you create new project, IDEA saves Grails SDK path and then it's able to use it, so there is not notification about Grails Shell.
Since you are importing project created outside of IDEA, you need to tell IDEA what Grails SDK to use for running commands. Just follow the link in notificitaion, it will open you settings window.


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Thank you for respone,

I found that once I set the Grails SDK it appears to function as a normal Grails project within the Intellij IDE. I would guess that the Intellij will make modifications to new Grails 3 projects that account for the profile in a future release.

Thank you again


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