On Spring Initializr wizard, which project type is best?



I want to create a Spring Boot application with Gradle as the build tool, but when choosing the "New Project" wizard with Spring Initializr like the documentation states, it gives me 4 options for project type:

1) Maven Project (Generate a Maven based project archive)
2) Maven POM (Generate a Maven pom.xml)
3) Gradle Project (Generate a Gradle based project archive)
4) Gradle Config (Generate a Gradle build file)

I don't know which one to choose, what's the difference between option 3 and option 4? I want to use Gradle for the build tool, and I will be sharing my project so it has to be a generic Gradle project so it can be opened just the same in Netbeans or Eclipse.

If someone could give me specifics on each of the 4 options, specifically for 3 and 4, would be awesome.


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The difference between 3) and 4) is that the latter generates the gradle.build file only, whereas 3) creates an "empty"/"dummy" SpringBootApplication class and corresponding sources structure.


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