Changes to GenericProgramRunner executor when starging with "Debug" launcher?


It seems that JRebel plugin's integration is a bit broken in Intellij 15 EAP. Namely, the JVM startup argument doesn't get added any longer when a standalone Java application is started in debug mode (works ok when started via normal "Run" launcher). Our developers having a quick look thought it has something to do with com.intellij.execution.runners.GenericProgramRunner being deprecated or just unused.

My question is - is this part of the code still changing, or is is a good time for us to try to integrate against the implementation in 15 EAP?

Sander Sõnajalg
JRebel product manager for IDEs

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These changes in API are pretty stable (~Aug 2014). So, please provide some example to reproduce the issue with "lost JVM argument" and we'll try to help you.


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