Is There An Option For dynamic.classpath?

My classpath got too long on Windows and I couldn't launch from IDEA.
Setting this option in the workspace.xml fixed it

<component name="PropertiesComponent">
  <property name="dynamic.classpath" value="true" />

Can this be set at the Project level or the system level via the GUI?
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IDE should detect long classpath and suggest to enable this option automatically, see my answer here for details: .

If it was not suggested, please file a bug at and specify what run/debug configuration and compiler you are using.

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Hi, I currently IntelliJ version 2018.3, I did the change, but still unable to run my JUnit tests.

I still have the message Command line is too long.

I change the value of Shorten command line:

  • JAR manifest don't work for me.
  • java Wrapper class works but couldn't load correctly quasar library.


thank you for your help.

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Please report at with the reproducible test case.


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