Make maven dependencies diagrams useful!


IDEA (Ultimate only?) has the feature to generate a diagram with maven dependencies.

However to be honest currently this feels like a proof-of-concept implementation:

I think the main reason people do not complain about it more often is that it is

  1. hard to discover the feature
    You have to right-click on a module in the maven toolwindow.
    Right clicking on a pom.xml does not working, because the option is missing in the "Maven" submenu.
    It is not really advertised.
  2. Once you try it, you discard it pretty soon as not-really-useful

For me the main problems are

  • It only works upwards the pom hierarchy.
    If you invoke it on the parent module, you get to see exactly one node (event if there are dozens sub-modules in your local project).
  • It shows all library dependencies without an option to filter them out
    For my project when invoked on the leaf node that represents the main web application this generates a diagram with hundreds and hundreds of nodes where our own nodes are only a tiny fraction.
    This gets worse because of the next problem:
  • It shows a tree with duplicated nodes rather than a directed, acyclic graph with unique nodes
    If twenty modules use "commons-lang3" you get that node twenty times.

There are dozen more problems, just search in Youtrack for "maven diagram".

Do you values the potential usefulness of this feature enough to demand (users) and implement (JetBrains) enhancements?

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More than 2 years, and no reply. 

This feature is very useful and is available in Eclipse.

Please consider this request.

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Hi, we have a ticket to rework maven dependency tree view:


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