Distraction Free Mode should remember the other open tabs


I think the Distraction Free Mode (DFM) is a really nice feature, but it could be improved if, when you toggle it off, it would return to the normal mode with all the tabs that were open before entering the DFM -- currently it returns to the normal mode with just one tab (i.e., the file being seen in the DFM...).




Agree 1000%. Unless you want to live in DFM permanently, the feature is nearly useless unless you can seamlessly go back to how things were before.

I voted for this, as requested here, but I really don't think there should be a vote at all, it's obviously how it should work.IntelliJ should just make that decision and do it.

What's the downside, other than the hopefully minimal amount of development time it takes to not throw out the information IDEA already knows how to save and restore when DFM is off?

If you really think anyone will object this this (why?), there could be a new pref to say whether the previous non-DFM settings should be retained or not, but that seems pretty silly to me.


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