Broken (or at least now highly annoying!) Ctrl-F find behaviour in Idea 15.0.1

So one of my regular shortcuts has been subtly broken and I'm finding it infuriating to use! Kind of hard to explain so bear with me...

If I'm in a source file, double click a word, then press Ctrl-F, then all occurrences are highlighted and the "find banner" appears at the top (with the toggles/tools for the find operation). The cursor/selection remains on the double clicked word. This is all good!

If I press escape (to explicitly cancel that find) and repeat the operation on another double-clicked word then again all is well.

However, if I do not press espace (so the find banner is still present), and I double click a different word and press Ctrl-F (to highlight all occurences of that word instead) the cursor/selection jumps to the _next_ match after the double clicked word, wrapping to the top of the file if necessary to find the next match. That is, an implicit "find next" is performed when you press Ctrl-F. This can (and often does) scroll the screen to a different location in the source code and you lose context of what you were looking at.

It's a subtle bug, and one that didn't exist in previous versions. However for me it is infuriating as I have trained myself to use Ctrl-F to highlight particular phrases (I don't like the eclipse style of doing this automatically all the time). The issue with small/subtle bugs like this is that they often don't get prioritised, but I'd love to see this one patched up as it is causing me much grief!



PS I'm in IntelliJ Idea 15.0.1 on Windows 7

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The fix should be available in IDEA 15.0.3.

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Update: the issue is fixed in just released IDEA 15.0.2.


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