Can't resolve symbol

When I invoke field (with packet default scope in another packet) all fine, and field resolved.
But when I try invoke some another method or field from current field, he lost ("Can't resolve symbol").
In previouse IDEA versions it works.


package one;
public class SomeHuEnum {
   static POJO FIE2 = new POJO();

package one;
final public class POJO {
   public String hu;

   public String getHu() {
      return hu;

package another;

import one.POJO;
import one.SomeHuEnum;

public class UseSomeHuEnum {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      POJO fie2 = SomeHuEnum.FIE2;               // can resolve FIE2 (message about wrong scope, but can resolve)
      String hu = SomeHuEnum.FIE2.getHu();         // can't resolve FIE2

It becomes unresolve when I type even dot. So It's bug or no?

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In which versions this will be fixed? (In 140.2493.5 it still doesn't worked)


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