(golang)How can I debug golang project on IntelliJ IDEA 15

Hello guys,

I'm developping golang application on IntelliJ IDEA 15.
To develop golang app, I installed plugin for golang.

But, I couldn't debug code using debug functions.
How can I debug it on IntelliJ IDEA 15?

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If you are using Windows then this is not possible as Delve doesn't support yet debugging on Windows.
If you are not on Windows then you need to install the latest Go plugin from the main release channel or by following the instructions here https://github.com/go-lang-plugin-org/go-lang-idea-plugin#pre-release-builds for the nightly / alpha releases.
To then run the debugging, create a Go application runner and then use the Debug button to run it.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for your help!

I finally salved it by help.
My developping envrironment is mac and I'm using golang plugin.

Most commonly, this plugin supports debug functions.
But in some situation it couldn't

I tried to debug source code in symbolic link.
At that time, it didn't work well.

Not using symbolic  link in Gopath directories was solution.

Now, situation may be getting better, but I've not tried yet.

Thanks again!        


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