Mac. Anyone else end up with empty right click menus? So frustrating...

I'm guessing this might be due to me using Java 8 on my Mac (Mavericks)
I've also installed the EAP with the bundled java 8 option.

Regardless (whether using the bundled java 8) or non-bundled and just relying on my native java 8.. without fail, several time a day I'll end up with ANY right click menu not popping up with conent.. it pops up blank (you can often see it flash there for a sec of the menu items but then it's gone.
I have to close the project and repen it and then it's fine again, but it's extramely annoying.

Just wondering if others have noticed this as well? Maybe I need to go back to apple's java 6 runtime?

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I haven't seen that kind of issue on OS X (with 1.6, 1.7 oder bundled 1.8).

My laptop doesn't wake up from sleep sometimes (I can type characters in the login dialog but then nothing happens). Not sure if this is related to IDEA running before sleep.

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I'm going to answer this question myself as I think I found out the cause. I "believe" it was related to using the gfxcardstatus app. I'm not sure what it was trying to set since I unistalled it but I think having it on "dynamic switching" caused the problem. So far I haven't hadn't had the issue for a few days, and it used to happen a few times per day, so hopefully I found the cause.


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