update not working

I try to update Idea to 14.1.5, the patch file is loaded, the program is restarted, but still the same version (14.1.4). I tried this several times.
In between, a new PHP plugin is installed, but that is not compatible with 14.1.4, so I get an error message and have to disable the plugin.

1) what is the name and the location of the patchfile?
2) how can I start it myself

For now, I downloaded and installed the complete new version of Idea, but that is a bit of a waste: 304Mb vs. 12 Mb.

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not sure if it's the problem I encountered trying to install IntelliJ on Windows 10, which is that it can't write to the installation directory inside "program files" because under Windows 10 those are read only except for the system account (under which the installer is run).
So it installs, but then when you run it it can't write config files and things like that, causing a flood of error messages. Can very well imagining that the updater has the same problem.

Installing IntelliJ somewhere else on the drive (I put it in d:\tools for example) solved the problem for me.

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Could you start update IDEA without using "nosplash" argument please.

Also you could vote for the
IDEA-143297 Cannot Update IDEA started with nosplash argument

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I have installed a new version without update now, but I will use the nosplash suggestion next time.

I did also have problems with the settings. I downloaded the new version as an exe and installed it without removing the previous versions in a separate directory. For some reason, the settings were not imported (fonts/keymaps) and I got error messages when starting IDEA.
I imported the previous settings from a file, but the Live Templates for PHP are not visible, although the file is present in the Config\Templates directory.

Conclusion: this update was a bit of a mess, never had any problems before.

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It seems to work without nosplash option.


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