Why Is The Gradle Tool Window Hidden By Default?


The Gradle Tool Window is hidden by default but the Ant and Maven windows are visible.
If I want to add a maven module/project I just click on the plus button and it starts the import process.
With Gradle I have to go to the Project structure and add a new module and do the process from there.
Is it just me, or would it make more sense to have the Gradle Tool Window visible all the time and clicking the plus button would do the same thing as the import module from the project structure window?

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Unfortunately I can't remember where I read it and a (quick) search did not find it, but I'm pretty sure I read a JetBrains developer talk about this and paraphrasing what I recall... they are basically running out of room for tool window buttons (or at the very least, there is a lot of noise from unused buttons). So there is going to be an effort moving forward to hide tool window buttons until they are actually used. Gradle was simply one of the first tool windows for which this new concept was applied to. Others will follow. Someone from JetBrains can elaborate (or correct me if my member is failing me.)

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yep, that's right, here is the link to the thread - http://devnet.jetbrains.com/message/5504850

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I was about to create a thread about this when I realised that I had already complained about it  nearly 4 years ago!

It is really annoying that the Gradle Tool Window is hidden by default.

If for whatever reason the project gets unlinked there is no way to re-import it because the Tool Window is not there.

I am finding that I am frequently having to close the project and then reopen it so that IDEA notices that it is unlinked and the pop-up appear to import the project.

Either, enable the Tool Window by default, or allow it to be enabled from the View -Tool Windows menu or add a button somewhere that does the project import that the popup triggers.

Right now the current process is a terrible user experience.



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