Bug in generate / override methods from inner interfaces when interfaces have same most specific name

On IntelliJ Idea 15.0.1
(but was observed in 14 too)

1. Create a new project P.
2. Decompress the attached archive to P's src directory.

The file does not compile because the interfaces (declared inside a class) are not implemented.

Either action A:
  1. Fix
  2. Code -> Implement Methods
  3. Code -> Override Methods

gives a list that does not contain all the methods to be overridden/implemented.
After implementing the suggested methods in the pop-up of the above  actions A, the error is obviously still detected, but there is no way to  automatically generate the methods stubs because Intellij sees no methods to implement.
You have to do it by hand.

If one of the two inner interfaces (I1.Inter or I2.Inter) is changed, e.g. I2.Face, the bug does not manifest.
The problem seems therefore to come from having two interfaces having the same  most specific name, albeit being inside two different classes (therefore  different). Some hashing clash?

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Hi Lars,

that was unqualified class names comparison.
Fixed. Thanks



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