Can We Prevent SVN Log Using stop-on-copy?

I came to a project that didn't have the standard svn layout (trunk/tags/branches) so I created it then moved the code to trunk.
Now when I do svn log on any of the files I only see the commit that moved the code to trunk.

If I use the command line I can see that svn log --stop-on-copy shows the same as IDEA but svn log shows everything.

I know that normally --stop-on-copy makes sense but in this case it doesn't.
Is there an option to turn it off?

This seems to be the inverse of this old issue in youtrack

Similarly, for performance reasons can we do something like svn log -l9 to only get the last 9 revisions? (or whatever specified number we want)?

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I thought of a workaround whilst getting a coffee!
I can use External Tools and TortoiseSVN to get around the issue

I have set up a Tool called "Tortoise SVN Log" to show in Project views with the following options:
Program: TortoiseProc.exe
Parameters: /command:log /path:$FilePath$
Workding directory: $FileDir$

I can now right-click on the file/folder in the Project view and use TortoiseSVN to see the history.

I'm still interested to know if it is possible "properly" within IDEA though.

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Actually, "--stop-on-copy" should not be used while collecting file history.

Do you have issues while invoking "Subversion" -> "Show History" action?
Does "Refresh" on history panel help to see all the commits?
Is "Use command line client" checkbox checked in "Version Control" -> "Subversion" settings?

"Subversion" -> "Browse changes" is separate action which should have "Stop On Copy" checkbox available in "Specify Search Criteria" dialog.
History limit could be specified in "Version Control" settings, "Limit history by:" textbox.

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Hmm, Show History on files is now fixed 138.1980.1.
Use command line client is checked in "Version Control" -> "Subversion"
I am using svn 1.8.
I have never used "Subversion" -> "Browse changes" :O however, that works right now too.

The only thing that doesn't show full history is the Repository tab in the Changes view.
However, maybe that shouldn't show it if I am now on trunk. I'm not sure, but either way I don't mind as the file history works as mentioned above!

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Show history on directories doesn't work but show history on files does work as does browse changes on directories and files.


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