IntelliJ 14 EAP Crashes after selecting file on OS X with JDK > 1.6

Using the 14 EAP with the bundled JRE, or without, but manually updating info.plist to be 1.7+ or 1.8+, IntelliJ seems to crash just after I select an item in the file dialog.  For example, the Open Project dialog.

Using standalone Idea IU 14 with Java 6 (Apple) I dont experience these.

Below is the crash dialog text and idea log and thread dumps if they help.

Any help to diagnose would be greatly appreciated.

crash log
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This seems to work for me with Java set to 1.7* on IU-138.2210.3

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Hi Dirk
It seemed upgrading to the same version also alleviated this issue.

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Actually I started getting crashes again not long after I replied to this post.

Tracked them down to an incompatibility with Karabiner AX Notifier.  I use the tool for the mapping my eject key on my Macbook Pro keyboard as a forward delete key.

Reported in Android Studio

Solution is to disable the notifier in the accessibility settings - didnt affect my use of Karabiner either.


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