Why Is My Maven Index So Big?

D:\data\user\.IntelliJIdea14\system\Maven is over 10GB in size!

There are 4 directories under D:\data\user\.IntelliJIdea14\system\Mave\Indices

Index2 and Index3 are 5GB each.

Are these copies or all part of the same index?

My maven settings.xml points to a corporate nexus


Since this is a mirror of central is IDEA effectively indexing ALL maven jars in the world?

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I am using IntelliJ 2016.2

I have 9 directories under c:\userpath\.IntelliJIdea2016.2\system\Maven\Indices

using 73GB of disk.  Since my disk is not really large enough for development, I need to downgrade back to IntelliJ 2014, so that I stop running out of disk space.



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