Improvements for Closures and Streams in Java 8

Hi guys,

I am a big fan of automatic stack trace folding for the IDEA run console. I'm using that feature a lot and I am very happy that it cuts down on the length of the stack traces so much. That's something my Eclipse friends really envy IDEA for. Thanks for that cool feature!

Now, with Java 8  things have changed a bit: it is getting more and more difficult to read useful information from stack traces. Lambdas leave quite a few entries in the stack trace that just look cryptic. Also, the streams API adds quite a few lines that are just internal implementation details. I ususally don't care how map() or count() are implemented and thus I don't really want to see those lines in the stack trace. By the way, this is not specific to Java. The same idea applies to other languages like Scala or Kotlin with closures as well.

I was wondering whether there is something that IDEA can do to make my life easier (and my stack traces shorter). I created an issue for this in YouTrack (IDEA-127291) but it is still kind of vague and needs refinement. I was wondering if others could add their comments about what would be cool things to make this idea even more useful. Also, I don't know the ins and outs of the stream API well enough yet to know whether this really would be feasible feature.

Thanks for contributing!

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