why use intellij14 can not install war or ear into websphere application server?

hi, all.
when i use intelij to coding webapp, websphere as server, why i can not install war or j2ee application into websphere, the intellij shows: websphere full profile can not support wars.  for what ??  i used toos is intellij 14 and server is websphere application server for develop 8.0/8.5,but not websphere librate profile. if anyone know why, pls tell how to fix this error.THX.:)

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WebSphere full profile is indeed unable to deploy a WAR directly, but only able to deploy an EAR, so you need to wrap WAR into an EAR.

First construct an EAR artifact in IDEA, then include your WAR into it, and finally specify the EAR at the deployment for the WebSphere run configuration.
There's https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-116949 and we're going to provide a quick-fix to address it, i.e, construct the EAR wrapper and add it to the run configuration in one click, but it is for IDEA 15

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yeah, thank you for you answer. but i tried. it is not available, intellij shows: it is not exist ear for webspher, i don't know how to resolve. could you tell  me step by step with key screen shot for me . and under eclipse, it is need to create application.xml file in META-INF . but in intellij , there is no  descripe file application.xml . so i am very appreciate you do everything, i hope new vision intellij ASAP show for us. thanks , really..:)

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Could I get any news about a quick-fix for IDEA 15?

Some information about my case:
IDE: IntelliJ IDEA 15 (of course)
Server: WebSphere 8.0
Build: Maven
Artifact: WAR

I see this error in edit configuration:
Error: WebSphere Full profile doesn't support deployment of WARs


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