Support for reading environment from .env (dotenv) files

Anyone know of a plugin which would support reading environment variables for a run configuration from .env files?  These files are popular in node, go, and ruby projects (probably others), as a way to manage project-local environment variable settings, which in turn is a popular way to configure 12-factor and dockerized apps.  

For example, in many of our projects, we version control a ".env" and ".env.test" file, which add environment variables for running and testing the app.  We also support ".env.local" files, git ignored, which let developers locally override the settings in .env and .env.test.

If there isn't any plugin that does this, does anyone familiar with the plugin API know if a plugin would be possible that could modify the environment variable settings for run configuration?  Either by giving an option to read the .env files on each run, or at least load environment variables from the .env file in the environment variable configuration screen?


The PyCharm Env File plug-in does what you desire...but it's only for PyCharm. The readme at GitHub for the project lists "Add support for other JetBrains IDEs (upon requests)" in the Further Development section. So you may want to open a feature request. And perhaps implement it and submit a patch/pull-request.

There may be other plug-ins as well.


That's awesome, thanks!


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