SVN: Locally Deleted Files

Create a new file (A), add it to SVN

now rename it only changing the case of filename (B)

IDEA will get very confused about this new (non-added) file (B), but you can get around using "cleanup project"

now commit (B)

after committing, IDEA will show (B) twice under "Locally Deleted Files", even after several "cleanup project" invocations

weird.. or not?

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Thanks Bill Gates for a case insensitive file system.  This just happened to me five years later, and doing a cleanup is not working.  Did you happen to remember if you ever solved this?

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I have had the same problem under IDEA 12.1.6. To fix it, I had to check out a fresh copy of the repo and go through the steps again with the correct capitalization.

For what it is worth, I think that I remember seeing filename case issues with TortoiseSVN also.

EDIT: This is a slightly different issue but I thought it wise to warn about. A recent attempted merge broke because our dev team had committed the same file with two different capitalization schemes. I was able to resolve this by copying the file to a backup location, deleting it, committing, restoring the other version, deleting it, committing, and then copying the current version back from its backup location. Be sure to commit that version into the repo again.

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That kind of issues are the worst! Just changed the cpatialization of Java class a couple of days ago. Even a after so many years, a case tolerant file system still does not sound like a good idea to me...


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