Change Settings Directory (Mac)

I would like to set a different settings directory so I can run Idea 13 and Idea 13 EAP with different plugins. For instance the scala plugin is a different (conflicting) version for 13 and 13 EAP. When I start EAP I need to upgrade the scala plugin to the newest version, then when I go back to the release version I have to downgrade the plugin again. This makes trying new features painful as I don't want to use the EAP release for my main development.

I am on a Mac (Mountain Lion). Is this possible?

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What I do is that I use the Ultimate edition on a release version for my main work.
I also install the Community edition EAP for Scala.

They use separate prefs and can even be running at the same time.

If that option doesn't work, you can copy the .app package, and in the copy edit the Info.plist file.
No guarantees, but I think if you change the idea.paths.selector value to something different than IntelliJIdea13 it will use that directory name withing Library/(Preferences|Caches|Application Support)

I haven't tried it, so I'd recommend testing it in a separate (throwaway) user acocunt before risking your main account.

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You can run several IDEA installations at the same time with different settings, just change settings directories, see for details.

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That is exactly what I was looking for and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much!


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