13.1 postfix completion - user definable?

Just read the blog post on the new postfix code completion feature - looks like a great idea.
Looking at the configuration screenshot - it doesn't look like we can add our own postfix completions.

Live templates are Ok - but having the ability to define project specific live templates is a killer feature. I could see the ability to define project specific postfix completions being equally valuable.  

I can see why you might not have it in the first release (I imagine live template configuration took a while to build initially).  But will we see user configurable postfix completions in a future version?

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I'm also wondering whether there was a way to speed this up even more: In the video of the blog article there is a a new runtime exception instance being created. Then, after editing the string message, you need to go to the end of the statement to invoke postfix completion. I wonder if there was a way save those "go to the end of statement" keystrokes as well.


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