Has anyone else seen problems updating the IDEA EAP with Scala and Play2 support enabled?


Has anyone else had troubling updating the EAP to 134.1160?

On one of my machines I chose the update from 1007 to 1160, it downloaded the 9 megs or so, unpacked the update, but on reboot & without any other obvious symprtom I was still using 1007.  This led to more than one Deja-vu instance as I again tried to update.  Eventually I realsed what I was doing & instead downloaded and installed a fresh 1160.  After that I had difficulties with the Scala and Play 2 plugins until I had uninstatlled and reinstalled them.

On my other machine I uninstalled Scala and Play 2 plugins.  Then the small download and update worked, leaving me only to reinstall the plugins.

This is on Mac OSX.

Perhaps others are seeing this too?


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