Thread's log aren't flushed in the console when using the debugger


I am using a package which was developed using Spring and it writes logs in the console using log4j.

I use the package in my java program and I have realized, that when I run the debugger and I stop in a breakpoint (in my java program, not in the package), then the messages are not flushed in the console till I let the program run again. It's like the debugger avoids flushing the log messages into the console which are generated in the background by classes of the package.

This is a problem in Intellij 14.1.5, I have tested the library in another IDEs (e.g eclipse) and it works fine.


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By default when a breakpoints is hit, IDEA stops all threads.
You can change that in the breakpoint options ("[ ] Suspend    ( ) All    ( ) Thread").
(Right click on the breakpoint.)

Try if settings that to "Thread" for your breakpoint helps.

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Hi Stephen,

it works! Thanks a lot!



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