IDEA 13 Subversion sync speed

Has anybody else noticed the subversion sync i.e. 'collecting information for changes' seems much slower with IDEA 13 (132.1045)?
If you clear the subversion cache and resync seems to take three-ish time longer than IDEA 12?

I'm not sure if this is related to our larger projects being relocated to new repos all of their own. This has really sped up command line access to the project via svn, but has caused IDEA users like me big problems due to IDEA-105360 which means IDEA 12 subversion support isn't fully compatible with the repo and path changes. The first sync on openeing the IDE/Project and on clearing the cache and doing a full resync do seem quite slow.

Wondering if this addtional svn relocation might be slowing things down? While the new repo is much smaller we're still at revision #114000, seems processing the revisions taks a long time. Currently I'm working on a branch in this repo, so the relative history is only a couple of weeks, a small window of a hundred or so revisions in that 114000..? or it's just IDEA 13 thats sluggish. Annotate also feels significantly slower than I'm used to even though our svn repo is much quicker than it used to be.

PS Would like if if you changed the svn clear cache icon - number of times I hit this by acceident as its the same as the close tool icon.

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Hi Richard,

Do you still experience such issue?
If you use command line integration - then most likely your issue connected to If not (SVNKit integration is used), could you please, provide corresponding CPU snapshot (as described in


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