Problem installing 15 CE

I downloaded IntelliJ 15 CE to Mac OS X 10.11.1 and opened the .dmg file. I was able to run IntelliJ ok from the corresponding drive. Then I copied IntelliJ from the drive to the /Applications directory. On opening it, I get a pop-up saying:

"Intellij IDEA 15 CE" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

I've tried re-signing it with a personal certificate, but this doesn't make any difference.

Any suggestions for how to install this release? I haven't seen anything like this with earlier releases.

Please note that the "thanks for downloading" page contains a broken link to "Installation and licensing" (

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It's very probably that the problem is caused by the new verification policy in El Capitan. We've recieved similar complaints from several other users, not from every El Capitan user though. We're still investingating how to fix this problem. This will probably require changing the application signing algorithm. Meanwhile, you can disable this verification manually (please be aware of the corresponding security risks) in Preferences | Security & Privacy:

If you decide doing that I would recommend to restore this setting back immediatelly after you've sucessfuly run IntelliJ IDEA.

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"Allow from anywhere" did the trick, thanks.

Others please note that control-clicking and choosing "open" didn't help (which it used to before El Capitan).


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